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Podcast_Art3Welcome to the podcast archives of our weekly radio broadcast of “MY Brother’s Keeper,” inciting a conspiracy of kindness and good deeds. NOTE: The program is currently on hiatus as we digest everything which we learned during our 6 months of radio. Our plan is to resume in September of 2015. Until then, please enjoy our recorded programs listed below. 

This is your opportunity to get informed and to join our growing conspiracy of kindness and good deeds. The goal of our radio program is simple: We want to incite a conspiracy of kindness and good deeds. Each program features interviews, information, lessons and insights concerning such issues as homelessness (men, women, teens, families, vets), hunger, and people in crisis. Our goal isn’t to simply talk about issues, but to offer practical solutions, personal encouragement and to challenge our listeners to get personally involved. While our perspective is that of historic Evangelical Christian faith, and while much of our audience is Christian, the issues we discuss and the solutions we offer go far beyond the walls of any Church or religious organization. We hope you will listen, become part of the conversation and join our growing conspiracy of kindness and good deeds. 

Welcome To The Conspiracy!









March 2015 Podcasts

“Human Trafficking” (03-21-15)

“Creative Outreach” (03-14-15)

“15 Rasons To Do Good – Part 2” (03-07-15)

February 2015 Program Podcasts

“15 Reasons To Do Good – Part 1”  (02-28-15)

“My War Never Ended” – Veterans Issues (02-21-15)

“Thursday’s Child” – Teen Homelessness Roundtable (02-14-15)

“A Left Behind Church” – Personal Roundtable (02-07-15) 

January 2015 Program Podcasts

“Women In Crisis – Part 1” – Women’s Issues Roundtable (01-31-15)

“Equipping To Serve” – Pastor’s Roundtable (01-24 – 15)

“Give Me Shelter” – Homeless Shelter Director’s Roundtable (01-17-15)

“Our Daily Bread” – Food Security Roundtable (01-10-15)

A New Day, Time And Format (01-03-15)

December 2014 Program Podcasts

Serving Families In Crisis (12-28-14)

“Christmas Reflections On Changing Paradigms And The Journey Of The Magi” (12-21-14)

“Healing For Body And Soul”

“Thursday’s Child” (12-07-14)

November 2014 Program Podcasts

“Who Am I?” (11-30-14)

“Serving Seniors” (11-23-14)

“Reflections On Matthew 25” (11-16-14)

“Serving Those Who Serve” (11-9-14)

 “Meet Me Under The Bridge” (11-2-14)

October 2014 Program Podcasts

“Reaching This Generation” (10-05-14)

 “Wages And Good Deeds” (10-12-14)

 “How To Start A Homeless Shelter” (10-19-14)

 “Who Shapes Your Spirituality?” (10-26-14)