Healing For Body And Soul

Podcast_Art3Welcome to the weekly podcast of “My Brother’s Keeper,” inciting a conspiracy of kindness and good deeds. This podcast is your weekly opportunity to get informed and to join the conspiracy. We try to make certain that each podcast features information, lessons, insights and interviews concerning such issues as homelessness, hunger, and people in crisis. Our goal goes beyond talking about issues.  We want to combine practical solutions with personal encouragement and offer a challenge to our listeners to get personally involved. While our perspective is that of historic Evangelical Christian faith, and while much of our audience is Christian, the issues we discuss and the solutions we offer go far beyond the walls of any Church or religious organization. We hope you will listen, become part of the conversation, and join our growing conspiracy of kindness and good deeds.

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.”  – John Wesley

This Week’s Program Notes For “Healing For Body And Soul”

On this week’s program I Interview Kristine Ruggles, Executive Director of Christ Clinic and Christ Kitchen, a medical and outreach ministry  to low income individuals and families, and women emerging from poverty.

Program Opening: You and I live in and are part of a society which turns a blind eye toward a problem once the news media announces a new government program to “meet the need” or to “solve the problem.” Government has acted. The problem has been solved. We can all go home now to our meetings and our bible studies. Nothing to see here. The personal Judgment Day described in Matthew 25 has been avoided, if not cancelled outright, courtesy of your politician.  Everything is OK. Or is it? What about those pesky commands of Jesus to serve “the Least of These.” I believe those commands serve a two-fold purpose. First, I believe that  our obedience to those commands represents an opportunity to be salt and light as we demonstrate the genuine love and compassion of God toward those in need. But secondly, I believe that such opportunities to serve also lay the ground work for building long-lasting relationships which can lead to making disciples of the Kingdom. To allow others to co-opt and deny us those opportunities to serve is to ALSO allow them to co-opt and deny us those relationships and the opportunity to make disciples of the Kingdom. 

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Next Week’s Program

On next week’s program/podcast I will be sharing my reflections on Christmas in a program entitled “Christmas Reflection On Christmas, Changing Paradigms and The Journey of The Magi.” I hope you’ll join me.