Fear Not

Something To Meditate On

(Maurice’s Note: “Something To Meditate On” is a weekly devotional written by our organic church friend Blanca Ayre of Hays Kansas, whose own “good deeds” story can be found on page 172 of our book, The Least Of These). 

There is nothing that will plunge a person into despair more quickly than to suppose what could happen. This was another example of the worries of tomorrow that never come, robbing us of the joys of today. -Darlene Deibler Rose

Most of the time our fears are about what could happen. Yet, most of those things we fear and worry about never come to pass. And other times our fears are real, not just imagined or supposed. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a terrible storm (circumstances) and our boat is filling up with water and the waves are getting higher and higher. It feels like we are going to crash against the waves and die! And although we have Jesus in the boat with us (Mark 4: 35-41), we’re still afraid of drowning. That’s when we start to fear and doubt and wonder if Jesus really cares. Well, He does. He may not have created our storm (circumstances), but he does have authority over it. And he can calm the waters and give us peace even in the midst of our worse storm (even where the devil is in it), so don’t be afraid. Remember, even after a real storm it can take hours for the waves of the sea to calm down and be still. The same is true after we’ve gone through a personal storm with both low and high waters. It takes some time for things to settle back down. 

~Blanca Ayre