Everyone Has A Story


Welcome to the “Everyone Has A Story” Project, a production of Rising River Media and “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Do you have a personal story of struggle, faith and overcoming adversity (unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction, etc.)? Maybe it’s a story that no one else knows or that you’ve never really told (or written down). You may even think your story isn’t worth telling; that no one would be interested. We disagree. We want to hear your story.

Or maybe you have a personal story of doing good toward someone in need. Perhaps you’ve started an outreach to serve others. Or perhaps you have a story of how your church or ministry has reached out to those in need. We want to hear those stories. They need to be personal; they need to be real; and they need to be told!

As part of our “Everyone Has A Story” Project, we are looking for real people who are willing to tell their unique stories of how their life journey has brought them to where they are today and how the good deeds of others in their life helped them along the way. Eventually, we want to publish the best and most compelling of those stories in a series of books tentatively entitled “Everyone Has A Story: Personal Stories of Struggle, Faith And Good Deeds.” This is your opportunity to tell your story!

One of the purposes of “Everyone Has A Story” is to find real people and their stories which can become part of a full-length :30 minute episode of “My Brother’s Keeper” television reality project as we move forward. So, tell us your story!

Suggestions On How To Write Your Story

There is no right or wrong way to tell your story. There is simply your story and we want to help you tell it. Remember to stay focused. Don’t ramble. Your story must be limited to 600 words or less. Most word processing programs, like MS Word or Corel WordPerfect have a “word count” function. In MS Word it is under the “Review” tab in the menu. In WordPerfect it is under “File” and “Properties.” Tell your story in the terms most natural for you. Keep it real. Stick to the truth. Don’t embellish. Don’t be “preachy.” Try to organize your thoughts under these three heading:

1. Who Are You? Give a brief bio describing yourself.

2. What’s Your Story? Is your story about overcoming adversity and how the good deeds of others (people, your church) helped you through? What was the event, issue or life crisis at the heart of your story that set things in motion. Be specific without giving details that would be embarrassing to yourself or others. Is your story about doing good in the life of someone in need? Then walk the reader through step-by-step without overloading them with details. Remember: 600 words. No more.

3. What’s The Lesson? What did you learn through this experience (about God, about people, about yourself, about life). Sum it up in a BRIEF closing paragraph (Three sentences and done). Less is more. Brief is better than long.

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