Do Good And Spread The Conspiracy

Podcast_Art3Let’s take a moment and think about what it means to be part of a conspiracy of kindness and good deeds. In a previous post I talked about what it means to “Pay It Forward” (and yes, I discussed the Movie). Today I want to talk about a couple of simple and practical ways you can “do good” and spread the conspiracy!

20141104_190012Step 1: Start by buying some small envelopes. The ones featured here are #6 envelopes (measuring roughly 3.75 X 6.5) which I bought at a local Walmart Superstore. Nothing fancy. You can get a box of 50 for $1.97.

MBK Conspiracy LabelsStep 2: Click here to download a PDF file for a page of 6 labels like the ones shown here. It is formatted to fit an Avery Shipping Label Template (Avery 8164 for ink jet, also available for laser) which you can buy at Walmart for under $5. Place the sheet of blank labels in your paper tray (face down in my printer), print a sheet and you’re ready for the next step. And, yes, this template will print just fine on plain printer paper which you can cut to size, but the labels just make it cleaner.

St20141104_142033ep 3: The printed labels are a perfect fit for the envelope! Try one out and see!Step 4: Now the fun begins! This is a perfect delivery vehicle for a gift of cash or a gift card (such as Starbucks, Walmart, etc.), or a gift certificate.

Step 5: O.K., You should probably include an explanation along with an invitation to join the conspiracy and pay it forward. So, we’ve created a template that will let you do exactly that! It looks like what you see here.

MBK Conspiracy Card - Back Click to download a PDF file formatted as a business card (10 to a page) that will fit an  Avery Business Card Template (Avery 8371). And, yes, this card will print just fine on plain printer paper which you can cut to size (but the labels just make it cleaner).

Action!: Now you’re ready to do some good and spread the conspiracy! Place the gift and the card in the envelope, put the label on and seal. You can deliver it personally, anonymously or via the mail. This gift envelope will fit inside a standard letter-sized mailing envelope. It will also fit inside most greeting cards! Be creative and have fun! Keep a couple of these handy and ready to hand out to a pan-handler, or to a waitress or server. Give it to the barrista at your favorite coffee driver-thru and tell them to give it to the next person in line. 

We would love to hear your story of how you put this to good use, so use the “Contact Us” form in the menu to let us hear from you!

Now, go be a blessing to someone who needs it today. ~ Maurice