By Grace

Something To Meditate On . . . 

(Maurice’s Note: “Something To Meditate On” is a weekly devotional written by our organic church friend Blanca Ayre of Hays Kansas, whose own “good deeds” story can be found on page 172 of our book, The Least Of These). 

The other day, my son asked me, “Why does God let bad things happen, Mom?” We had been talking about God’s grace, and he was presuming something about God, and how he relates to us. “The real question,” I told him, “isn’t why bad things happen to good people. The real question is why does God let anything good happen at all?” Everyday we should be thankful for God’s blessings, because it’s the grace of God that he gives us “good things.” So when something “bad” happens we shouldn’t ask, “Why me, Lord. Why did this happen to me?” After all, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45). In other words, bad things can happen to Christians, too. To me, asking God why bad things happen belies the whole concept of grace. If God owes me something: a life free of trials and tribulation, lack of pain and suffering, hardships and difficulties (2 Cor. 4:7-11) and only good things, then it can’t really be grace, can it? If God cancelled out every personal trial I ever had to go through, then I would never experience the grace of God. I would expect God to give me only good things. But my life would never be enriched by the grace of God. I would never walk in the grace of God, or live in the grace of God, or work in the grace of God. I would never know an even “greater grace” or receive the expression of God’s fullness, “grace for grace.” And I would never experience compounded grace, where God puts grace on top of grace, on top of grace. Grace to be saved! Grace to be sanctified! Grace when you think you deserve it! Grace when you know you don’t! Grace when you need it! Grace over flowing! Grace, grace, and more grace!
~ Blanca Ayre