A Good Night At The Shelter

 20140929_193422[1]On any given night in Spokane, there are somewhere between 1,000 and 1,200 homeless people in the city (not including homeless teens who are couch surfing or in places other than shelters or staying with family). Last night, 40 of those people (men) stayed at Truth Ministries Men’s Shelter at 1910 East Sprague Avenue. Last night was a good night at the shelter. First, I had the opportunity to grill hot dogs and hamburgers for the guys. And when it comes to grilled hot dogs & hamburgers, you can NEVER have too much!

20140929_210958[1]But the night got busier and better thanks to the great folk at Big Table,  a local non-profit which serves those working in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Their goal is to see lives transformed by building community around shared meals and caring for those in crisis, transition, or falling through the cracks. Last night (Monday) was their “Eats Around The World” fun-raiser. Thanks to Jill Lemon, Director of Operations for Big Table, for arranging to have all of the left over food donated to Truth Ministries men’s shelter! The result was a full freezer and enough food for a couple meals for 40 men.